Page Types

When you add a new page to your site, you’ll need to choose the page type. Explanations of each page type are provided below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have added a new menu tab and selected a page type, you will not be able to change that page type later. If you need to change the page type, you’ll need to completely delete the page and its content, and then start again.

Standard Content

This is a standard interior web page with a left column that displays the submenu and a main, right column where you will be able to add / edit content.

Standard Content – Two Column

This is a standard interior web page with a left column that displays the submenu and two columns to the right. You will be able to access and edit the content in each of these two columns.


This is a page that will display an event calendar. ONLY ADD THIS PAGE TYPE IF YOU ARE USING THE PIPERWEBS EVENT CALENDAR. If you are using an event calendar provided by another vendor, contact PiperWebs for assistance with displaying your calendar on your website.

External Link

This option is for when you want to create a button within your site’s nav menu dropdowns that links off to some external website - - a separate url.

When you choose to add a page of this type, you won’t technically be adding a page to your site that you can edit. Instead, you’ll be adding a menu button to the dropdown. Then you can go back to the main Dashboard, choose to edit that ‘page’, and you will be able to insert the URL or web address of that page that this new button should link to.

All others

Beneath the External Link option you’ll see several other page types. These are pages where PiperWebs staff is responsible for managing content.

We’ve developed these pages to assist you in keep your site content current, interesting and relevant. The pages contain helpful, up-to-date information that is regularly managed by PiperWebs staff. Examples include a New York Times bestseller page that shows the top 10 bestsellers in several categories, a page showing top-rated books from the current or prior years, and celebrity book suggestions, to name a few. Your content management dashboard will provide a link to descriptions of all available PiperContent pages.