Insert a Google Slides Presentation on a Web Page

Google Slide presentations provide an excellent means for displaying rotating panels of images and / or information. Using a separate Gmail account, you have access to the Google Slides feature. Using their interface, you can create multiple slide presentations and place them throughout your site as needed.

So just to be clear, you will not use the PiperWebs interface to create the slide presentation. The slide presentation is created using Google Slides. When you've finished creating the presentation within Google Slides, then you can follow the instructions below to obtain 'embed' code, which can then be inserted into your website using the PiperWebs system.

  1. Instructions for obtaining and embedding your Google Slides code:

  2. Once you have created a Google Slides presentation, under the Google Slides “File” menu, select “Publish to the web…”
  3. On the popup window that appears, click the “Embed” tab
  4. Leave the slide size at Medium
  5. Make a choice regarding the length of time between slides. For readability purposes, we suggest a minimum of 10 seconds per slide.
  6. Click the boxes labeled “Start slideshow as soon as the player loads”, and “Restart the slideshow after the last slide”
  7. Click your cursor inside the box that contains the embed code, and the copy the code using Ctrl-C
  8. Now you can navigate to your content management system
  9. Choose to Edit or Add Content to the desired page
  10. On the toolbar, click the button labeled SOURCE
  11. Type in the following:
    ‹div class="videoWrapper"›
          Replace this text with the embed code that you copied from Google Slides 
  12. Paste your Google Slide embed code between these two entries, replacing the italicized text;
  13. IMPORTANT LAST STEP!: Click the "Source" button on the toolbar once again
  14. Finally, click the blue "Save Changes" button.