Working with the Add / Edit Screen

Once you’ve selected the page or portion of the page that you want to work with, and you’ve chosen to either add new or edit existing content on the page, you’ll be presented with a popup window that allows you to add / edit actual page content. Each component of this popup window is described below:

Title and Subtitle

These two fields allow you to briefly describe the content that will follow. They are important because they correspond to page heading codes that are used by screen-readers. They allow sight-impaired users to quickly jump from one topic to the next on your page. At a minimum, to maintain accessibility standards, you should complete the Title field.

Main Content Field

Below the title and subtitle fields is a large content box where you can enter the body of your content. The toolbar above this box allows you to format your content, add images, links, etc. This toolbar is described in a separate help section.

Public / Preview Buttons

At the top right of the Add Content or Edit Content boxes are two buttons labeled “Public” and “Preview”. These buttons allow you to choose whether your content will appear on your public website. If you choose “Public”, once you save your changes, your content will appear immediately on the public website. If you choose “Preview”, your content will not appear on the public website, but instead will only be visible within the content management system.

Save Changes / Cancel

When done with your entries, click one of these buttons to either save your changes or erase your work and start over.

Link Builder

If, within the content that you’re adding or editing, you want to create a link to a page on your website, you can use the link builder to obtain the URL for that page. When you click this, it brings up a popup box where you can choose the main menu category, and then a specific page. Once you’ve made both choices, the URL to that page will appear in the “Link” field. Copy that, and use it to create your hyperlink.