We provide a one-stop solution


1. Website design and hosting, email, and domain names:

Website design

We work closely with you to design your new site, incorporating your color preferences, logos, and other special features into one of our professional, responsive website templates. As the process moves forward, you'll have access to the latest design drafts. We’ll take your feedback and direction and incorporate it into ongoing revisions until we have everything just right.


Site hosting and Email

All of our sites include website hosting at data centers in Chicago, Illinois and / or Phoenix, Arizona. These centers have redundant infrastructure, multiple power feeds, dedicated generators, and battery backup units. You won’t find anything better.

If needed, we can provide up to 25 email accounts associated with your domain (i.e. director@yourlibrary.org).

Domain name management

If you don’t yet have a domain name (i.e. www.yourlibrary.org), we can help you find and register one. If you already have your domain, we'll help with the task of ‘pointing’ your name to your new site with us, whenever it’s ready. And…the annual costs of domain name registration is included in your annual service fee.


2. Service and Support

Our content management system is super-easy to use, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have questions. Maybe you’ve forgotten how something is done. Or your automation provider is offering a new book display or search option that you want to include on your site. Or maybe you’d just like to talk through some options or best practices for presenting your services.

No matter what the reason, our professional web staff is always just a phone call away.

And if you hire new people during the year, or your existing staff needs a refresher on some of the basics, we can set up instructor-led, online training sessions as often as needed.

It really is just like having your own professional web developers on your staff.


3. Added features

Content-added pages: If desired, we can add pages to your site that are managed by our staff. Seamlessly incorporated into your site, the page looks like any other, but the difference is that our staff is responsible for keeping it current. One example is a New York Times bestsellers page – which our staff updates each and every week. All in an effort to help you provide current and relevant information to your patrons.

Book displays: Eye-catching displays that help you draw attention to your recent acquisitions, and that are as easy to manage as the rest of your site.

Content Catalog: We’ll provide content ideas – provided by our staff and by other libraries across the country. If you’re running short of ideas for interesting content on your website, just browse our content catalog, find something you like, and add it to your site with one click.